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Armed with a ferocious appetite and an insatiable thirst for food knowledge, Minneapolis based food blogger Keane Amdahl is on the prowl. Through extensive study and travels, Keane has learned to hone his palette on his quest to find out the secrets of the elusive perfect dish. For more of Keane's work, you can visit his blog at

The Malt Shop
The Malt Shop - by Keane Amdahl
809 West 50th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55419
(612) 824-1352

Iím a sucker for the classics and thereís nothing that screams classic Americana more than burgers, fries, and thick, rich malts. Thereís one problem with that setup however; currently there are few places that dish up that perfect American scene without also serving a huge side of corny 1950ís embelishments. Donít get me wrong, I have nothing but love for the 1950ís; so much so that I feel that they donít need to be made fun of and parodied in such a predictable and overdone fashion. Thatís just one of many reasons why South Minneapolisí The Malt Shop is great! Classic burgers, crispy fries, cold, frothy malts. Everything I could hope for and more without the campy theme.

We started our meal off with an order of crispy, gooey cheese curds. They were delicious. Salty, crunchy, and creamy served with a side of marinara. Itís like the state fair, but without the tube tops. The Malt Shop does a good job of giving a wide variety of options while staying classic and without going over the top. One great example of this is the ratatouille off of their vegetarian menu. A hearty serving of vegetables gets tossed in a rich tomato sauce and is topped with mozzarella cheese which is then placed in a broiler until the cheese is nice and silky. Itís a real stick to your ribs kind of vegetarian dish.

The Malt Shop

For our burger option, we went with The Malt Shop Burger Supreme, which vastly more than your simple, classic style cheeseburger. The 1/3 pound burger comes topped with crispy bacon, rich avocado, earthy sautťed mushrooms, and a spicy pepper jack cheese. It may technically be a cheeseburger, but itís definitely a cheeseburger that likes to put on a show! It also comes served with your classic thick cut, crispy fries; the perfect accompaniment for any real burger. In addition to the burger we had to try the Bavarian Sauerkraut and Brats. If thereís anything that rivals the burger for title of most patriotic food, itís the sausage. The brat comes served with a delicious side of white wine braised sauerkraut and garlic mashed potatoes. Itís a great dish to help you get your German on!

Last, but not least, letís talk about the malts. I love malts. Always have. The malts theyíre making down at The Malt Shop are second to none. Rich, creamy, frothy, gooey; these malts have it all! We tried the fudge and the butterscotch; two of their ďtraditionalĒ flavors and they were amazing, especially the butterscotch! If you like malts, ice cream, or fun, you need to get down there and try these things. For serious.

The Malt Shop is a great, classic place to take the family or to go for a fun date night. Do something simple and easy. Go and get a burger and a malt. Sometimes sticking to the simple things, is just the right way to go.

**DISCLAIMER** This feature is written based off of a reimbursed, unannounced experience. All opinions expressed above are honest, my own, and are in no way meant to be a critical assessment of the restaurant.

The Malt Shop The Malt Shop
The Malt Shop

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